The Medication Generation Grows Up

Dosed has been featured on dozens of regionally and nationally-syndicated radio and TV programs, as well as in magazines, newspapers, websites and webcasts.



Author and journalist Judith Warner, who wrote the book We’ve Got Issues, about kids and psychiatric medications, interviewed Kaitlin for the Book TV program “After Words,” on C-SPAN. It has aired many times on C-SPAN and C-SPAN2. You can watch the video here.

The Daily Beast, Beast TV




Metro, the most-read free daily newspaper in the U.S., with more than 1 million daily readers in Boston, Philly and New York, ran a piece about the implications of long-term antidepressant use from a young age. Dosed is featured prominently. You can read the article here.

 Ladies Home Journal

Kenneth Miller interviewed Kaitlin for a story in the September issue of Ladies Home Journal about the dangers of sharing prescription medication. The article is available as a pdf here.

La Republica

La Republica, a major Italian daily newspaper, interviewed Kaitlin about the long-term effects of taking psychiatric medications from a young age. The interview (warning: it’s in Italian) is available as a pdf. Q&A

Elizabeth Nolan Brown of the popular women’s lifestyle website interviewed Kaitlin about Dosed. The internet is available online or as a pdf


Radio Shows

WBUR Boston Public Radio “Here and Now.”

Wisconsin Public Radio, The Joy Cardin Show

New Hampshire Public Radio, The Exchange

Radio Health Journal

Radio Health journal, an award-winning show about health and medicine, devoted a long segment to Dosed. It’s available at their website and on iTunes.

Guest blogs and columns

Kaitlin has contributed guest posts and columns about young people’s mental health and treatment at The Boston GlobeThe Children’s Mental Health NetworkPatient Safety Blog, PLOSblogs at PLOS ONE