The Medication Generation Grows Up

“[A] sensitive, provocative look at…the medication generation…Barnett’s own experience lends authenticity and authority to her calls for better attention to the real needs of children and teenagers struggling to grow up whole.” – The Boston Globe

“This conversation is long overdue…The implications of Barnett’s book are important and unnerving.”- Newsweek/The Daily Beast

“[Barnett] does an impressive job of going into depth on every issue one might consider when prescribing medications to children….Kaitlin Bell Barnett “gets it” and she fully understands the issues she discusses about child and adolescent psychiatry. Had there been an “M.D.” after her name, I would have read this book believing she was a child psychiatrist” – Clinical Psychiatry News

“An extremely well-researched and comprehensive overview of the past three decades of child psychiatry…A must read for clinicians.” – Journal of the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“An honest, thought-provoking attempt to present the complexity and depth of an extremely challenging and ambiguous area of modern life…Dosed should be required reading for all clinicians working with mentally ill children, as well as for their parents and other concerned participants in their lives.” American Psychological Association’s PsycCRITIQUES blog

“Children are, by definition, young and naive, and mental health professionals may be tempted to assume that they are unable to have much insight into the meaning of diagnosis and treatment decisions. Reading Dosed will lead one to reevaluate these assumptions, much to the benefit of the patient” – Daniel Carlat, Director of The Pew Prescription Project, writing in Psychiatric Services

“[A] well-written, thoughtful book…quality food for thought for any family trying to decide how to treat a child with a psychiatric disorder.” –Booklist

“[A] disturbing and often heartbreaking debut, journalist and blogger Barnett is…Cogent and thoughtful”—Publishers Weekly

“The author’s clear rending of the tough questions surrounding this knotty topic should make it required reading for anyone touched by this issue.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A book that should be read by everyone concerned about quick fixes for complex problems.” —Lauren Slater, author of Opening Skinner’s Box

“With wisdom, insight, and clear-eyed analysis, Dosed gives eloquent voice to this medicated generation.” —Stephen S. Hall, author, Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience:

“A fascinating, well-researched, and very important book.”—Claudia M. Gold, MD, author of Keeping Your Child in Mind: Overcoming Defiance, Tantrums, and Other Everyday Behavior Problems by Seeing the World through Your Child’s Eyes

Barnett is “a skillful and knowledgeable storyteller.”—Paula Span, Contributor, the New York Times’  Science Times

“A must-read for advocates and critics alike.” —Glen R. Elliott, clinical professor, the Stanford School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

“A remarkable book.” –Thom Hartmann, radio and television host, The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann, New York Times bestselling author.

“An extraordinary and engrossing first book by an author you will come to highly respect.” – Outnumbered 3 to 1