The Medication Generation Grows Up

Kaitlin Bell Barnett is available as a mental health advocacy group speaker and a guest speaker for parent, teacher and mental health support groups.

As a mental health advocacy group speaker, Barnett discusses child, teen, and young adult mental health and treatment, including medications.

Barnett draws on research collected in writing her book, Dosed: The Medication Generation Grows Up, which explores young people’s attitudes and experiences coming of age on psychiatric medication. As a mental health advocacy group speaker, she discusses the history of child mental health treatment. She also talks about how psychiatric medications came to be so widely prescribed and how the first generation to be widely treated with these drugs forged their way as the initial “medicated kids.”

In her talks, she addresses the enduring stigma surrounding psychiatric medication use, especially in children and teens. Other topics include school accommodations and medication, disclosure to friends, family, teachers and coworkers and decisions to continue or stop drug treatment.

To book Kaitlin as a speaker, please contact Liz Riviere, book speaking engagements publicist, at lizriviere[at]gmail[dot]com